DIY Project: Painted Laundry Tub

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By Guest Blogger: Susie Thompson

Instead of removing a 400 lb laundry tub because it’s gotten dirty and rusted… consider a great DIY project to make it look brand new again! This simple project will have your guests saying, “Wow!”

The before and after pictures really demonstrate the power of paint and some elbow grease! (The pictures are from different homes but display the incredible transformation!) Please note that this job is best accomplished in the summertime, so the concrete tub is warmer.

2016-12-27-inside-laundry-tub 2016-12-27-laundry-tub-and-pipes

These extremely heavy and permanent tubs are very hard to remove but with this DIY project you can keep your tub in brand new shape!

  1. Use TSP and water to clean dirt and debris from the inside of the concrete laundry tub.
  2. Spray Rustoleum paint on the pipes and on the base floor stand.
  3. Use the Rustoleum Epoxy Garage Floor One Car paint. Follow package directions to clean, prep, and paint and add the “sprinkles”, if you wish.
  4. 24 hrs later, add the Clear Coat One Car kit to seal and preserve the paint.

2016-12-27-painted-laundry-tub-inside 2016-12-27-painted-laundry-tub-pipes

Although it takes time to prep and paint, the overall effect is that of a porcelain sink, for less than $100 overall! Same two kits will paint the floor of your basement laundry room, and/or your garage floor to create a clean, concise look. #ShorewestRealtors #DIY

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