Four Colors to Never Paint Your Home

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There are certain colors that work in the majority of homes and for the majority of palettes. These colors are typically neutral and bring a sense of care and design to your home. White and light grays have dominated the color scene because they bring a clean aesthetic, unlike these four paint colors!

1. Off-white or eggshell. This may be surprising as white is a very popular color right now. However off-white or eggshell rooms sold for less than estimated when it came down to it. True white or soft yellows go well in kitchens.

2. Dark brown. This color doesn’t translate well on walls. In addition to making a room darker, it gives off a negative connotation and potential buyers don’t like it.shutterstock_1935438
3. Terracotta.
This color may have a home in the Southwest region of the United States but elsewhere it looks completely out of place. Orange is one of the least liked colors in the world so it’s no surprise that this color doesn’t do well.

4. Slate gray. While gray is a very popular color right now, not all grays are seen as equals. While dove or light gray is a hit, dark gray is most definitely a dud.


Paint color is used to enhance a room, make sure to make smart choices when it comes to your wall color! Before you grab a paintbrush, ask your Shorewest, REALTOR® what color they think will help your home sell, they are after all the experts! #ShorewestRealtors #Paint

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