Top Five Kitchen Trends in 2018

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When looking for a space to upgrade in your home, the kitchen is always a safe bet for a great return. In 2018 homeowners are focusing on investing in new products, materials and technologies to make their kitchen easier to cook in and clean! If you are looking to stay on trend this year, here are the top five upgrades your kitchen needs!

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  • “Smarten” up your kitchen. Today, many homeowners are looking to add technology into the kitchen to make their lives easier. Some add refrigerators with LCD screens that allow families to order groceries, build shopping lists or see what they have inside without opening the fridge door.
  • Easy-to-maintain finishes. Homeowners today are straying away from high-maintenance granite and marble countertops, wood floors and stainless steel appliances. Granite has been consistently falling out of favor over the last couple years and manufactured quartz has been gaining in popularity. Millennials especially are looking for low-maintenance options that are easier to clean and also cost-effective.
  • Bring out the color. The white color scheme has been dominating the kitchen sphere for a long time, but we’re finally starting to see homeowners bring back color to the space. The main reason is that an all-white kitchen is impractical in day-to-day living with trying to keep it clean. Warm neutrals are a safe bet when thinking about resale value while lavender is hot for 2018.
  • Integrate your appliances. Instead of having your microwave sit on top of your counter, many homeowners are building them in below the countertops to save on space and increase the aesthetic of their space.
  • New seating arrangements. 2018 is the year to create banquette seating in your kitchen. Unlike in the past, this seating option would only be for one-to-two sides of your table instead of engulfing it. It creates an updated and fresh outlook to an integral gathering space.

The kitchen has become a focal point of the house; it is time to treat it as such. Make life easier on yourself by adding some technology and change some of its features to make it more hospitality friendly. Your guests and family will notice the difference! Make sure to talk to your Shorewest, REALTOR® if you are thinking of selling your home soon, they will help you make the best decision for whether or not your project will give you the return upon investment.

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